Cengar - Máy Cưa Khí Nén CL50

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Cengar - Máy Cưa Khí Nén CL50

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The special piston design feature means that the saws use a low volume of air while maintaining a high cutting speed under load.

Air Saw CL50
Speed – strokes per minute: 1200
Stroke: 45mm / 1¾ inch
Standard nosepiece: 12mm / 1/2 inch
Air consumption: 0.168 m3/min / cfm
Weight: 2.50 kg / 5½ lbs
Length: 400mm / 15¾ inch
Height: 134mm / 5¼ inch
Width: 40.6 inch / 1⅝ inch
Air Pressure: 5 – 6 bar / 75 – 90 Psi
Sound pressure level: 82.9 dB (A)
Sound power level: 92.4 dB (A)
Vibration Level: 3.2 m/s²

Please note: The vibration levels shown above will reduce when the saw is used with a clamp.
If you have a cutting problem, send us the details and a sample of your material and we will, free of charge, carry out tests to determine the right saw and blade to do the job. We can make special versions of our saws, even in small quantities, to meet your requirements. The vibration levels shown above are provided for guidance. They increase or reduce depending on circumstances, especially if used with Clamps with exposure levels will reduce.
No level is shown for the JSZ because it is not a hand held machine. We make special versions of our Saws to meet unusual requirements. For more information or a demonstration please contact us or one of our approved distributors.

Cengar Air Saw CL50, Cưa Thẳng Khí Nén Model CL50

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